Book Review: Shadows in the Stacks: A Spirited Giving Anthology edited by Vincent V. Cava, James Sabata, and Jared Sage

“Horror gives us the greatest opportunity to open our hearts to one another.”


Shadows in the Stacks is a forthcoming charity horror anthology featuring 21 new stories that explore a range of nightmarish scenarios, opening with an incredible foreword by Laurel Hightower that serves as both introduction and homage to the power, diversity, importance, and value of horror fiction. The stories are equally as riveting, showcasing a variety of resonant styles, content, and themes surrounding freedom, control, trauma, obsession, racism, religion, bodily autonomy, gun violence, medical expenses, screen time, and more.

Standouts include:

  • “Nathan Ballingrud’s Haunting Horror Recs” by Clay McLeod Chapman: A hilarious and disgusting, visceral and mysterious, terrifying and legendary tale of two friends and their pilgrimage to meet their favorite author. A fantastic opener, to say the least!
  • “Moira” by Jamie Flanagan: A dark fairy-tale-esque exploration of life’s fleeting fragility. Sad, horrifying, affecting, and hugely creative.
  • “The Unburied Box” by Kevin David Anderson: A devastating account of vigilante justice and vengeance borne of unforgivable racism, cruelty, ignorance, hate, murder, and inhumanity; intense and realism-rooted.
  • “Burlesque!” by Bridget D. Brave: A tense and captivating story of horrific secrets, hidden horrors, doomed futures, and an enigmatic dancer. Engrossing and disturbing!
  • “Benchman Financial’s Debt Relief Program” by Vincent V. Cava: A vile and chilling page-turner that explores morality, ethics, capitalism, dehumanization, societal failure, and social inequity. Disquieting and darkly funny.
  • “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” by Tim McGregor: A superbly creepy, thoroughly satisfying take on the haunted house that begs for expansion into a novella or novel. Gripping and wonderfully twisted!

Thank you to Shortwave Publishing for providing a free digital ARC of this superb collection, which releases on May 28th.



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